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Five Reasons for In-home Senior Care

Jun 30, 2016 by Comfort Keepers of Pensacola

Professional In-home caregivers or home care aides are readily available, helpful and can assist you with high quality non-medical in home care.  Elder care can be difficult to handle at home alone because you often need training, and levels of stamina and patience tjat the average person may not possess.  That and in-home elder care is far more beneficial for seniors than isolating them at nursing homes with complete strangers.

Five Reasons that In-home Senior Care is Better

Faster Recovery

Hospital stays can be traumatizing even for young people so it is not difficult to imagine how it will impact elders. Hospital stays include frequent procedures and check-ups that can leave even the most ‘patient-patient’ irritated. Comfortable home care after a long stay at the hospital can help promote a faster recovery for our seniors.  The familiarity and comfort of the surroundings help put the mind at ease – this reduction in stress helps facilitates the healing process. 

Saving Money

There is no doubt that nursing homes are highly professional and practical but they also cost a lot. Not all families can afford caregiving facilities and many retirement plans may not cover them. Elder care at home is not only more beneficial but can save money. You can use this saved money to make the final years of your loved one more comfortable and they get to enjoy more time with their loved ones.

Independence and Dignity

One of the most important things our seniors care about is their independence. When we bombard with them with the reasons that they can’t take care of themselves anymore and move them into a facility, subtly we are actually robbing them of their confidence and leaving them at hands of strangers.   Our seniors want, and deserve, to age at home independently and with dignity.

Keeping Families Together

Our seniors are generally more sensitive towards keeping their loved ones close. Families can benefit from the valuable life experiences of the seniors in their life. Caring for your loved ones at home promotes mutual love and togetherness and, if approached correctly, can be a bonding experience for all involved.

Better Quality of Life

Nursing homes may be improving in providing personalized care, but nothing can compare to the care that can be provided in home.  Home care for elders keeps them in charge of their own lives while helping to sustain the quality of life they have worked so hard for and doing so in the comfort of their own home.

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