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How A Home Health Aide Can Help Seniors With Feeding & Special Dieting Needs in Pensacola, FL

A home health aide will assist your loved one's special diet needs with our nutritional care service

Malnutrition is a serious health concern among the senior population in the United States. As surprising as it may be, millions of American seniors do not consume nutritionally-rich or well-balanced meals. To make matters even more shocking, one out of three older adults are admitted to the hospital for malnourishment.

The biggest problem with malnutrition is that it is hard to detect it. Namely, as any home health aide can tell you, there is a big difference between having a healthy diet and eating poorly. Seniors can eat junk or processed food on a daily basis and have full bellies, but that does not mean they are eating as they are supposed to. On the other hand, eating a healthy diet is key to maintaining proper health, strength, brain function, and overall well-being.

There are many reasons why older adults may eat a poor diet:

  • Grocery shopping and meal preparation simply become too difficult or time-consuming.
  • Chronic pain or arthritis
  • Serious health concerns
  • Mobility issues
  • May no longer be able to drive
  • Cognitive problems or memory issues

This is where Comfort Keepers comes in.

With us, a home health aide can provide your loved one with all the help and assistance they need to have a healthy diet and proper eating habits. Our senior care services include everything from meal planning to meal preparation in the comfort of your loved one’s home. We will also work closely with your parent or relative’s medical team, including nutritionists and dietitians, to help them adhere to any specialized diet.

If your loved one has a condition that makes eating hard, like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s or ALS, a home health aide will provide them with physical assistance, ensuring they are eating the right amount of food and increasing their safety by preventing choking. A care expert will also provide companionship during meal time, making it more enjoyable, especially for older adults who live alone. 

Eating a well-balanced diet comprised of all the nutrients our bodies need to thrive is essential for your loved one’s health. contact our office today at (850) 359-5916 for more information on our feeding and special dieting needs or schedule a free in home consultation  with a home health aide to get started!

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